Since 1985 BLC Group provide technological solutions
in Latin American energy markets.


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By linking our know-how to in industrial processes, the domain of the most innovative solutions in information technology, we help to our customers in the development of strategies oriented to business optimization, regionalization, and its growth, in the following markets:

Oil & Gas

Automation and process control systems, for the Oil and Gas market, oriented to optimize the of oil and gas production, the processing and transportation of oil and gas under safe conditions, in a clean and efficient way.

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Power Generation and Distribution

Control and Supervision Systems for the efficient and reliable power generation, its transportation and distribution.

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Iron, Steel and Aluminum

Automation Systems for processes in the Iron & Steel industry: blast furnaces and basic oxygen converters; electric arc furnaces; direct reduction plants; and aluminum reduction lines.

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Distributed Control Systems that allow reliable production in Petrochemical plants, meeting high safety standards.

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