Since 1985 BLC Group provide technological solutions
in Latin American energy markets.


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  • Iron, Steel and Aluminum

Iron, Steel and Aluminum

Automation systems are oriented to the following Iron, and Steel processes:

Our services are focused on the following processes:

  • blast furnaces and basic oxygen converters;
  • electric arc furnaces;
  • direct reduction plants;
  • billets, bars and planks casting;
  • galvanizing lines;
  • Wire road, wire lines.

We offer our expertise on the following processes which are part of the aluminum production chain:

  • alumina production (digestion, decantation, filtration, evaporation and charring);
  • electrolytic cells lines;
  • anode production lines;
  • aluminum casting;
  • bath stations;
  • electrolytic cells lines rectifiers;
  • milling and compaction plants;
  • dense phase plants;
  • smoke treatment plants;
  • coal cooker furnaces;
  • anode assembly plant.

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