Since 1985 BLC Group provide technological solutions
in Latin American energy markets.


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Oil & Gas

We believe that it is necessary to promote a socially and environmentally sustainable energy policy by means of redesigning the current energy matrix as, well as the distribution of energy production, encouraging improvements in quality of life and minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

For this purpose, our challenge is to provide automation and process control systems for the Oil & Gas market, oriented to optimize the of oil and gas production, the processing and transportation of oil and gas under safe conditions, in a clean and efficient way.

Our services are focused on the following processes:

  • artificial lift in oil and gas production wells;
  • flow stations: production manifolds, separation trains, test separators, rejection units;
  • facilities for fluids disposal: pumping, quality and volume measuring, custody transfer units;
  • facilities for gas disposal: pumping, dehydration plants;
  • facilities for water disposal: storage, filters and treatment plants, water injection plants;
  • crude pumping stations;
  • gas compression plants;
  • provision of systems for high-reliability electrical energy for industrial environments;
  • cathodic protection system for pipes and metallic structures by impressed current injection;
  • fuel dispatch plants;
  • refining processes: desalination, atmospheric and vacuum distillation, hydration;
  • specific refining processes: catalytic and vacuum reformers, slug catchers, and alkylation.

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