Sustainable development


Knowledge - based technological solutions

Knowledge is the element that – in combination with technology – creates innovative products and services which generate more and improved social and economic benefits.

In BLC Global Engineering Services we have the expertise and intellectual capital neddedneeded to provide high value-added solutions which allow managing and controlling resources in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Power Distribution, Iron, Steel, Aluminum, and Petrochemical. markets, as well as process optimization.

Since 1985 we are committed to developing creative solutions and to permanent evolving of our management processes.

We acknowledge that intellectual capital is the most important asset of a company, where the individual capacities, knowledge, abilities, expertise, culture, values and leadership vision of our organization are the factors that should be connect and strengthen.become connected and strengthened.

We have worked very hard for this. And will continue to do so!

Since its establishment, BLC Global Engineering Services’ path has been marked by the concept of “permanent evolution”, and that is why the organization’s goals are research, member training and specialization, as well as knowledge transfer and its practical application.

This is the path that has been chosen to find a place in the global market, improving the quality of our services and optimizing the cost/benefit relationship to satisfy the requirements of our customers.