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Data Service

This area is devoted to the development of solutions for data acquisition and energy systems supervision.

Since 2006 the company offers solutions for the main Power Distribution companies in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Amongst such solutions, the following standouts:

Information systems for the management of power networks.

Our systems offer solutions for data acquisition and energy systems supervision. Since 2006 the company offers solutions for the main Power Distribution companies in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Up to early 2012, ESG ARGENTINA has developed more than twenty applications in the field of data acquisition and energy systems supervision and currently captures information from about 20,000 energy metering devices. The company uses PrimeRead ES Software for their Systems – and is their exclusive representative in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay – as well as additional applications developed for monitoring measuring systems.

Demand Measuring System for control (SMED, its abbreviation in Spanish).

Service provided to CAMMESA (Argentina) since 2007 for the Wholesale Electricity Market in the Littoral region. This service includes remote data acquisition regarding electrical consume for demands which are equal or higher than 300 kW, as established by the Energy Secretariat in Resolution S.E. No. 1281/06. The SMED measurement system covers the entire national geographical areas. In the case of ESG ARGENTINA, the geographical area covered assigned includes the provinces of Misiones, Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Santa Fe and the northern area of Buenos Aires province.

The SMED system consists of two sections:

  • An electric measuring instrument (metering device) installed in every demand measuring point. The electrical energy electronic metering device installed is capable of recording and storing demand profiles.
  • A remote data acquisition system, which basically consists of the necessary equipments and means of telecommunication to send the information obtained by the measuring instruments to our Acquisition Center and from there to CAMMESA's operation center every 15 minutes with a maximum 3-minute delay.

In addition to the periodic collection of Power Demand Values, the system allows bi-directional communication with the meter by mean of RS232 communication channel, from CAMMESA to the metering device.

This service also includes repairs on site, and preventive maintenance service for the entire SMED area (Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Entre Ríos, Corrientes and Misiones).

Our staff of Engineers has wide experience in metering devices programming and analysis of the captured data.

Commercial Energy Measuring System (SMEC, its abbreviation in Spanish)

The Commercial Energy Measuring System was developed for the Technological update of the ten SMEC Collection Centers distributed throughout Argentina.

It includes the provision, installation, start-up, and support of the Reading System with Multiprotocol PrimeRead ES Software, for capturing data from 2,700 SMEC metering devices for billing.

All the available communication systems are supported, such as switched telephone network and PLC (Carrier Wave), GPRS, and satellite TCP/IP, in Patagonian areas or those with communication problems.

Readings are made on all brands of metering devices which are currently in operation in the market.

This system performs daily readings on all metering devices – generation, transmission, large-scale users, and limits between Distributors, Transporters, Cooperatives, etc, all members of the Wholesale Electricity Market.

The goal is to allow the Management of Supply Contracts, the verification of real operations and the calculation of the SPOT market prices, amongst other uses.

ESG ARGENTINA has also implemented a Web Service between CAMMESA and every one of the Collection Stations of the 10 Collection Centers. This Web Service allows to CAMMESA directly consult the SQL database, in similar way to the solution currently implemented for the SMED system.

The Maintenance and technical support of Collection Centers is also performed daily via a Point to Multipoint VPN, from our offices.

This network was designed and supplied by ESG ARGENTINA, due a CAMMESA’s request.

Centralized Systems for Remote Reading of Energy Meters.

BLC Global

These systems include the Provision of Engineering services, Software licenses, Hardware, Start-up, Training and Support for Remote Reading of Energy Meters, Data Analysis and report Generation, using PrimeRead ES Software and associated applications, installed in Collection Centers.

The architecture which is normally used consists – in brief – in installing the following Sub_Systems: a communication application linking the metering devices with a Central Database; the Data Analysis and Report Generation Stations in the office of the Energy Distributor; and one or more Collection and Data Analysis Stations in every point of the Customer facilities.

All of the data collected in every one of the Collection Stations is then loaded into the Central Database by means of specific links that the Distributor has or contracts to this end.

The PrimeRead ES Software is used by ESG ARGENTINA for its applications. It allows communication with the electric meters used in Generation, Transmission, Commercial and Industrial Distribution, Residential and Pre-paid systems and can also be used in Measuring Systems of Water and Gas.

The following are the most important features:

  • Multiprotocol: withstands more than 23 brands and 100 models of metering devices.
  • Multiple Means of Communications: withstands all means of communications offered in the market.
  • It works as a Data Warehouse for information coming from other information systems.
  • Open Architecture which allows exchanging information with the following systems:
    • Billing
    • Operations
    • Commercial Information
    • Systems – CIS
    • SCADA
    • ERPs
    • Energy Quality Systems
    • Loss Systems

    As a function of the customer’s request, our company can provide communications equipment, system hardware and communication contracts.

Technical support for Centralized Systems for Remote Reading of Energy Meters

Technical support for Centralized Systems for Remote Reading of Energy Meters service, consist in the Local support and maintenance by means of daily VPN connection between the ESG ARGENTINA offices and every Collection Center, also considering personal site visits, if it were necessary.

For performing these tasks, the company has Engineers, that are specifically specialized in operation of Collection Centers.

The periodic and methodical execution of maintenance tasks in every one of the Collection Centers results in the optimization of the daily collection that takes places in such centers. The tasks which are normally performed are:

  • Maintenance work on Operating Systems
  • Maintenance work on Databases (Oracle and SQL)
  • Maintenance work on PrimeRead Software
  • Maintenance work on associated control applications

For the administration of claims or support requests in ESG ARGENTINA we use a tool for managing requests, that enables the user-customer create, modify or update data tickets, and be able to find requests which have already been solved.

Our service also includes a 24/7 Remote Emergency Response Service to deal with contingencies.

Data Disclosure Service.

ESG ARGENTINA is able to implement – due customer request – a Data Disclosure Service.

It service consists in:

  • The interrogation of energy metering devices;
  • the subsequent processing of the collected data;
  • and the publishing of individual and specific reports, for every user.

The service has a reading capacity in accordance with the current needs of the market.

ESG ARGENTINA could provide to each customer the collection stations, modems, telephone lines and Internet connection, required.

The system is oriented to applications that need collect large volumes of data with a high degree of reliability.

These applications allow reading data stored in a safe database server.

Beside the safety conditions, the server also makes available for the customer the reports with data for billing, operational and commercial information, and information on energy loss control, amongst others.

The hardware, and/or communication devices, and/or communication services, to be installed or available in every measuring point, could be also delivered.

Application for Metering devices Reading with Portable Reading Terminals.

Our solutions include the incorporation of this technology for direct in site reading. Our solutions are capable of reading metering devices with a multi-brand approach which allows reading different brands of metering devices along the same route.
Their effectiveness is demonstrated in applications in operation in Argentina and other countries in Latin America.
They are able to avoid errors in data transcription; optimize collection routes; allow the online incorporation of new metering devices and new customers, which are then validated in the system.
They accept communication technologies, such as GPRS, WiFi, BlueTooth, ZigBee and optical probes.

Systems for local reading, by means of routes, using Portable Reading Metering Devices.

BLC Global

These applications are oriented to the development, Implementation and start-up of a Meter Reading Systems, using high-end Portable Reading Terminals, through the PrimePDA module, specially designed for this purpose.

This is a standard application which is installed in the Portable Reading Terminal and is capable of reading metering devices with a multi-brand approach.

This features allows reading different brands of metering devices along the same route and the incorporation of new metering devices of other brands without the need for special adjustments.

  • PrimePDA is used for capturing data locally from electronic energy metering devices through direct connection, BlueTooth® or ZigBee®.
  • This system is particularly useful for reading metering devices which cannot be measured remotely due to the lack of a communications port.
  • It uses hand-held devices to locally unload the metering devices data and send the readings through any Internet communication channel to a data collection center via “WiFi”, “EDGE”, “GPRS”, “2G”, “3G” or “3.5G”.
  • This system is particularly useful for reading metering devices which cannot be measured remotely due to the lack of a communications port.
  • It uses hand-held devices to locally unload the metering devices data and send the readings through any Internet communication channel to a data collection center via “WiFi”, “EDGE”, “GPRS”, “2G”, “3G” or “3.5G”.
  • It is also possible to synchronize the central system by direct connection to a computer in the corporate network.
  • The system is multi-language and the language can be customized to work with the standard terms of operation used in each company, which are familiar to the IT area workers.
  • It facilitates accurate reading of many metering devices in field, which historically have been read visually.

Following are several of the possible actions this application can perform on metering devices:

  • Load Profile Reading
  • Register Reading
  • Events Reading
  • Demand “Reset”
  • Time Synchronization
Electrical Energy Systems with Pre-paid features.

Provision of systems for the Integral Management of Pre-paid Electrical Energy, by integrating intelligent metering devices of different brands with bi-directional communication capacities and remotely-activated internal cut-off relays. Include interchange of Data with the customers’ ERPs.

Application for the Integral Management of Pre-paid Energy Systems

This system uses the PrimeRPS application that was developed to allow the integration with other management and control systems currently in use in Energy companies (Commercial, SCADAs, and others) as well as with the majority of metering devices with the prepayment option that are currently available in the market.

For an optimal exploitation of the PrimeRPS system, we use prepayment metering devices that have bi-directional communication and internal cut-off relays with remote activation.

The benefits of this system for the Service Provider are:

  • Elimination of the reading process of metering device on site
  • Advanced collection of services provided
  • Elimination of the bill distribution process
  • Elimination of the service suspension process
  • Better customer service with immediate automated reconnections
  • No payment defaulting
  • Debt recovery
  • Reduction of electrical energy theft and fraud

The benefits of this system for the User of the Service are:

  • Purchasing energy when needed and in the desired amount
  • There are no charges for suspension or reconnections
  • There is no delinquency, or compensatory interest
  • The user controls and administrates its consumption
  • And acquires an energy efficient culture
Links between Measuring and Commercial Systems.

The Optimal exploitation of the collected data is achieved by linking the automated telemetering system with the applications for commercial management, as billing, SCADAs, GIS, Service Quality systems, and Technical and Nontechnical Losses Analysis. To achieve this, ESG Argentina has developed the interfaces requested by their customers providing them with on-line support.

Linking interface for the Telemeasuring System with Commercial Management Systems

These applications have been developed to link the PrimeRead ES system with the Commercial Management Systems used for billing services in the Electric Cooperatives and Distribution companies.

This interface was developed to allow the use of data captured by the installed telemetering system and the data captured by the Portable Terminals that will be included in the PrimeRead ES system database for a direct billing process.

It allows the integration of such data in management systems, such as Open SGC.

The scope of this product covers the development cycle of software products: requirements analysis, functional definition, coding, and product testing and implantation.

The main goal of this interface is to obtain the necessary reading data and to prepare this information in a frontier table for it to be captured by the Open SGC system.

In brief, the interface is capable of:

    Take information related with the new routes which are generated in the Open SGC system, and replicate this data in the PrimeRead system for subsequent reading.
  • Log in a series of registers saved by Open SGC in a frontier table and transform them into information for the PrimeRead Database.
  • Take information related with consumption in registers stored in PrimeRead ES and transforming them into information for the Open SGC system.
  • Take information from the metering devices’ CRUD (Create Update Delete) in Open SGC system and replicate this data in the PrimeRead system.
  • This process consults a frontier table developed in Open SGC – which must contain the entire necessary information to create the same CRUD in the PrimeRead ES Database.
Hardware for Telemeasuring systems.

Our energy data acquisition systems are able to use several kind of communication currently available.
For this purpose, ESG Argentina can provide communication modules developed and integrated in our Company for communications through GPRS or Ethernet.
Currently, we have more than 2,500 equipments in operation that have been provided to different customers in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.
The increasing demand for positioning data availability, Geo-referentiation by GPS, the need to control operation, consumption, or fuel stock are satisfied by the systems developed by ESG Argentina.

GPRS communication equipment for linking energy metering devices

This equipment was developed for participate in an International Tender made by ANDE, Paraguay, with the financial support of the Inter American Development Bank (IDB), granted to ESG Argentina, and to provide a technological upgrade to CAMMESA's SMED system.

It has the advantage of capturing a direct reading from the mass memory of the meter with a standard communications module with low maintenance cost. By using this communications module, the advantages that can be obtained are as following:

  • Direct reading of metering devices (This ensures the absence of gaps because the reading is taken from the mass memory of the metering device)
  • Exploitation of all metering devices in a safety way
  • Simpler maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Direct feeding from the measuring Voltage Transformer (TV), independently from the auxiliary feeding
  • Gradual system standardization
  • The possibility of using the data for the billing system
  • Direct reading by means on an optical port in case the meter does not have an RS232 port o if the port is in use (Optional)
Monitoring system for variables of mobile generation or other applications

BLC Global

The goal of this monitoring system is to provide the customer (in this case, ENARSA Argentina) the Engineering and the necessary equipment to satisfy the requirements for telemetering of electrical parameters, and other variables of portable generation equipment, standardizing all the information related to the generation groups.

Parameters to be measured are as follows:

  • Energy transferred to the network
  • Time of integration of the energy
  • Power factor
  • Time of entry and exit of the generator to and from the nerwork
  • Fuel level in the tank (Daily and auxiliary)
  • Start-up of main switch coil
  • Geographical position of measurement equipments and routes, when they are transferred

The solution supplied includes all of the measuring equipment, including the GPRS communications device.

This GPRS communication device is supplied with double SIMs for use with two cell-phone communications provider companies.

The reason why, is because the equipments to be monitored are mobiles.

The communications equipment has GPS function and digital and analog inputs, which allow acquire the rest of the parameters to be measured.

The system also includes a Collection Center with extended facilities for monitoring, in addition of the electrical variables, of geo-position, fuel level and condition of the switch, in Portable Generation equipment.

Additionally, it has a web data publishing module for visualization of data, reports, curves, of each generation point.

This system is used for controlling variables of any type of power station, mobile or fixed.


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