Since 1985 we provide technological solutions in Latin American
Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Power Distribution, Iron, Steel, Aluminum, and Petro


ESG Argentina

Located in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, it is part of the BLC Global Engineering Services Group and is oriented to developing solutions for data acquisition in energy networks, supervision of the acquired information for the owner companies of the networks, and solutions to optimize the maintenance of industrial plants. service in and is committed to

ESG is formed by three production areas:

Data Service

This area is devoted to the development of solutions for data acquisition and energy systems supervision. Since 2006 the company offers solutions for the main Power Distribution companies in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

HUp to the end of 2012, ESG ARGENTINA has developed more than twenty applications in the field of data acquisition and energy systems supervision and currently captures information from about 20,000 energy meters.

The company uses PrimeRead ES Software for their Systems – and is also their exclusive representative in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Amongst their main customers the following can be mentioned: CAMMESA (Argentina) SMEC and SMED systems; UTE (Uruguay) interconnection, generation, distribution and large-scale customers; ANDE (Paraguay); ENARSA (Argentina); EDEN (Argentina); ENERSA (Argentina); EDESA (Argentina); EDELAP (Argentina); EDES (Argentina); ENDESA Generation Plants; NASA Nuclear Power Plants of ATUCHA and EMBALSE (Argentina); GUEMES Thermal Energy Plant (Argentina); SIDERAR Thermal Energy Plant (Argentina), etc.


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Auditing of the Electrical Energy Measuring System

This area is oriented to the development of Installations and Quality Audits to ensure the accuracy of energy measuring.

The audits are performed on installations for the commercial measuring of electrical energy belonging to Large-scale Users, Power Generation Plants, Transforming Stations, and Interconnection Points.

This area has a staff of Auditing Engineers that performs in site technical verifications in the installations for the commercial measuring of electrical energy for the Argentina’s Electricity Market. CAMMESA is their main customer.

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Repairs and Electronic Calibrations

This area provides maintenance services on-site, and services of repair of electronic equipment in their own laboratory, ISO 9000 certified. The following are amongst their main customers: Acindar SA; Siderar SA; Ramallo and Rosario plants; Tenaris, Siderca plant, Scrapservice y Argener; Cargill, V.G. Gálvez y Pto. San Martín plants; Molinos Río de la Plata, San Lorenzo plant; Dreyfus, Gral. Lagos and Timbúes plants; Bunge, San Jerónimo and San Lorenzo plants; Fric Rot; Generación Mediterránea, C.T. Sorrento.

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